Download the Original High-End App Here

The Android version of the Illusion Trails App is now available on Google Play .  Our beta testing team has discovered that only the higher end phones with lots of storage space and processing ability can run the app. It was not our intention to limit the app like that.  We have starter work on a new more effecient version disigned especially for older phones with less storage.  It should be coming out in the next 2-3 weeks

Below is a tutorial on how to navigate through the worlds.  If you have any trouble using the app on your phone, please refer to the troubleshooting section or contact support at

If the Illusion Trails App does not appear on your TV, verify the following:

·        The TV and cell phone must both be on the same WIFI network.

·        If your TV has Chromecast or Smartcast installed, it must be selected and paired to the phone.

·        If your TV is using a Chromecast device on an HDMI input, that input must be selected and the device paired to the phone.

·        If it still doesn’t work contact support at

If moving the phone doesn’t propel you down the path:

·        Make sure that you are moving the phone significantly with each step.

·        Locate the Accelerometer setting on your phone and make sure that it is turned on. This is rarely turned off. You will need to contact your phone dealer to learn how to check the setting.

·        If it still doesn’t work contact support at

If touching the screen doesn’t select a path:

·        Ensure that you are touching the actual screen and not the bezel.

·        Ensure that there is a trail or hidden trail where you are trying to turn. Illusion Trails is path-based and you cannot go exploring in the woods.

·        If it still doesn’t work contact support at

If touching the screen twice doesn’t turn you around:

·        Make sure you are touching the screen twice rapidly in succession.

·        The entire screen should work. However, try touching the screen in different areas.

If it still doesn’t work contact support at